About Clutter Mate Wood Clothes Hangers

Clutter Mate provides home organization products such as wood clothes hangers that are designed with the highest quality, functionality, and provide an amazing appearance. Our customers wants and needs are focused on with every product we provide.

Our hangers are designed with excellent functionality and inspiring design. They serve as more than a simple hanger. They serve as additional display pieces to your already unique clothing apparel, while also adding additional functionality whether they are thicker, wider, smoother, or hooked for your additional clothing needs.  We currently provide beautiful wood hangers, wood suit hangers, wooden shirt hangers, wooden coat hangers, wooden jacket hangers,  wood pant hangers, wood shorts hangers and wood skirt hangers. Bulk hangers orders are available. 

About Us:

  • Located in Houston, Texas, USA
  • We will ship to anywhere in the United States of America
  • Contact us at Support@ClutterMate.com